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One Page Dungeon Contest 2015

Come join the judges on May 28th, 6pm East Coast, 3pm Pacific to watch as we discuss the contest, the judging process, and announce the winners for the 2015 One Page Dungeon Contest. (Event Link).

Author Entry Link
Anna Costa The Panopticon (Image)
Carlos Pascual Torres The Heist (Image)
Edward Lockhart Furthest Farthing's Frog Pond (Image)
Joel Bethell Sepulchre of the Abyss (Image)
Lorenzo Santini Into the Awaroth Woods (Image)
Michael Prescott The Lantern of Wyv (Image)
Monkey Blood Design Escape the Oubliette (Image)
P. Aaron Potter A Stolen Song (Image)
Will Doyle The Shambling Throne of the Death King (Image)

Submission Deadline:
April 30th, 2015 23:59 UTC (aka Thursday evening before midnight Greenwich England time)

Submission Guide:

Sponsors Prizes:

Tim Shorts (Blog)
Dyson Logos (Blog)
Paizo (Website)
Rogue Genius Games, (Website)
Steve Jackson Games (Website)
Pelgrane Press (Website)
Pinnacle Entertainment Group (Website)
Wayne's Books (Website)
Contest Prizes:

Author Entry Link
Jason Hall Meat Locker
Warren Abox The Brass Canon's Plunder (Blog)
Cesare G. Ardito The Shifting Room
Frank Schmidt Vengeance of the Minotaur
Antonios Kogias Tensk Ueart's Folly
Alex Kimball Gron & Krim's Blood & Guts Tavern (Blog)
Peter 8RadGames Super Small Dungeon
Simon Forster The Sunken Tower (Website)
Joel Bethell Sepulchre of the Abyss (Website)
Michael Tumey Cypress Tower of a Bog Witch
jones Maro Tanesh (Website)
Mike Monaco The Sunken Scriptorium (Blog)
Tomas Reichmann Ticket to Hell (Facebook)
Aleksandar "Wiedmin" Petrovic Aeon Caves of Treasure
Jaxilon Lost Blacklock Mine (Website)
Shane Ward The Lair of Random Silliness (Blog)
Cornelia Yoder Karsthaven
Christian Kessler Brinewald 1631 (Blog)
Scott Marcley The Bog Hag
Dave Mareska A Secret Place for Secret Things
Jackie Tremaine Into the Hurricane (Blog)
Sean Fager The Lair of the Leech Lich
Larry Z. Pennyworth Adventure Map Creator
Thaumiel Nerub Ikiseutu (Blog)
Aaron Frost Milk Run (Blog)
Simone Biagini The Secret of Montmajour (Blog)
Mike Ge The Demonic Menagerie of Pazuzu
Malin Freeborn Woldcore Caves (Blog)
Lee Mohnkern The Owl Mage
Laurie Eck Tower of Whispers (Wiki)
Jeff McKelley Halfling Hunt
Joseph Salvador In the Moon Bog (Blog)
Tom Walker The Princess and the Frog
Isaac Gomez The Dark Coven
Johnnie Zolman Hirelings & Henchmen
Barry Pace the Grand DM The Brood Ventricle (Blog)
AnomieCoalition Rania's Curse (Website)
John Belmonte Lord Orchaos Lair
Larry Hamilton The Dire Druids of Delver's Deep (Blog)
Lorenzo Santini Into the Awaroth Woods
Michael Raston The Kingdom of the Pale Giants (Blog)
Ulo Leppik Teeny Tiny Dungeon
Edward Lockhart Furthest Farthing's Frog Pond of Existential Ennui (Blog)
Monkey Blood Design Escape the Oubilette (Website)
Etani Autum Margulis di Properzio The Pit
Dave Frederick Shipwreck Channel
Daniel Dean Warstone Gorgothra (Blog)
Chris Eck Malakai's Folly (Blog)
Wauthoz Bastien Before the Oracle Weeps (Blog)
Sebastien Vallee The Sunken Pyramid
Vance Atkins Grist for the Mill (Blog)
Bradley W. Smith Claim the Tower!
Gleb "Rigval" Lysakov City on the Bridge
Alex Schroder The Crown of Neptune
James Turner The Flaming Skull (Website)
Sadhbh Brennan Magic Dungeon 2
Roger Giner-Sorolla Antonius Abducted (Blog)
Michael and Mathew Iantorno Vesna's Refuge (Website)
bygrinstow Future Tense (Blog)
Abundant Fighting Men Plain of the Hostile Fast Breeding Enemy
Gordon A. Cooper Goblin Shrine of the Spider Gods (Blog)
Andrey Makarov The Shard of Lemuria (Website)
Edmund Racher North of Garvolk
Sean Smith Barrow of the Nanolich (Blog)
Carlos Pascual Torres The Heist (Website)
Bruce Cunnington The Beast of Nuholdt (Blog)
Dustin Flesher Penalty of Perdition
Eric Diaz The Wretched Hive (Blog)
Charles Olivier Rocher and Myriam Demers Olivier Hold the Mushrooms Please
Herr Zinnling Dungeon for Lina and Hendrik Level 2 (Blog)
Troy Tucker Papyrus Elves of a Central Nome
Michael Wenman The Star Pit
Roland Volz The Vault of the Pole (Blog)
Ro Annis Tin Ear (Blog)
Griffin Derr Forsaken Wizard Dungeon
Maxim Golubchik The Re-entry Ragtime (Blog)
Rodger Thorm Wizard's Tower (Blog)
Philipa Clark and Peter Owen Abernathy Manor
Michael Prescott The Lantern of Wyv (Blog)
Arnold Kemp Isles of the Dead (Blog)
Mark Griffin Slumbering Mu Spore
Will Doyle Shambling Throne (Blog)
David Coppoletti Dead Dwarf Dome
Taylor Frank A Troubled Mind (Blog)
Jeremy Smith Swamp Cabin of the Child-Eater (Blog)
Benjamin Wenham The Frozen Tomb of Za'at
Nathaniel Lightfoot Erina's Tower
Alex Welk Race to the Reckoning (Blog)
Edward Tirocke Sunken Spires
S. Goodwin Happy Jack's Pirate Gaol
Anna Costa The Panopticon
Matrox Lusch Drow Chasm (Blog)
James Hirst Last One There is a ...
Gus L Fallen Throne
David Gayer Semi-Sunken Schooner Sultana
Gwen Potter The Time Travel Mystery
P. Aaron Potter A Stolen Song


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