One Page Dungeon Contest 2009

This is a general outline/copy of the information about the contest run by ChattyDM in 2009 (compiled by Alex Schroeder).

Submission Deadline:
Was -> May 14th, 2009 0:00 EST (aka Thursday evening before midnight East Coast US time).


Winners Announced:
July 1st, 2009

One Page Dungeon Contest 2009 Winners


Author Title Category
Heron Prior Cry of the Gravegod Best New School Dungeon
Andrew Gale Valley of the Necromancer Kings Best Old School Dungeon
Simon Bull Secrets of the Old City Best Overall One Page Dungeon

Runner Ups:
Best Hack-n-Slash: The Gray Goblin Warrens – Christopher Brackett
Best Non-Fantasy Entry: The Horror of Leatherbury House – Michael Wolf
Best Pub: Arendt’s Old Peculiar- Antti Hulkkonen
Best Replayable Entry: The Infinite Tower – James E. Raggi IV
Best Retro Use of 30×30 Space: Megadungeon of the Mad Archmage Gary Stu – Adam Thornton
Best Silly Dungeon: Maze of NAMCAP – Patrick Riley

Honorable Mentions:
Best Aquatic Entry: The Barnacle Caves – Sam Kisko
Best Classic: Ruffthroat’s Rathskeller – Lee Barber
Best Dungeon Circa 1974: The Crumbling Dungeon – Lord Kilgore
Best Dungeon Crawl: Shrine of the Savage Jungle – John Laviolette
Most Elegant: Clockwork Crypt – Gary S. Watkins
Funniest: The Vareh’gra Depths – Gary McCammon
Best Geometry: Halls of the Mad Mage – Justin Alexander
Best Homage: The Omenous Portent of the Highlands Meteor – Tim Hensley
Best Introductory One-Shot: The Tomb of Durhan Oakenshield – Dyson Logos
Best Non-Dungeon: The Great Cloud Caper – Jonathan Lee
Best Unconventional: Traps-R-Us – Chris Torrence
Best Use of Tables: Mountain Lair of the Misanthropic Magus – Sean Wills

Font of Sorrows by Philippe-Antoine Ménard – Phil’s first dungeon that preceded the first One Page Dungeon Contest
Water Temple by Alex Schroeder – was an entry to the contest, but then he got promoted to judge
The Wizard’s Ruined Tower by Michael Shorten – discovering the one page dungeon template (no longer available)
Stonehell – first big dungeon project based on a two page dungeon template

Philippe-Antoine Ménard, Musings of the Chatty DM
ChicagoWiz, The Old Guy’s RPG Blog
Michael Curtis, The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope
Dave Chalker, Dave The Game @ Critical Hits
David Bowman, Sham’s Grog ’n Blog
Alex Schroeder, RPG category on his blog, replacing Graham Poole

ChattyDM (aka Philippe-Antoine Ménard)

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