One Page Dungeon Contest 2010

This is a general outline/copy of the information about the contest run by Alex Schroeder in 2012.

Submission Deadline:
Was -> March 1st, 2010 0:00 UTC (aka Tuesday evening before midnight Greenwich England time)


Winners Announced:
April 18th, 2010


Author Title Category
Adam Thornton Central New Jersey After the “Big Whoops” Best Post Apocalyptic Goodness
Antti Hulkkonen Den of Villainy Best Pirates
Chris Gonzales The Tunnels of Turrack the Terrible Best Sound Effects
Clarabelle Chong Time for Tea Best Victorian Sci-Fi
Corwin Riddle City of Traitors Best Lost City
Craig Brasco The Vault of Zerduzan Best Evil Cultist Hangout
Heron Prior Trolls will be Trolls Best Lair
Herwin Wielink The Crypt of Luân Phiên Best Architectural Design
Jimm Johnson and Jeff Lynk The Contemptible Cube of Quazar Craziest Map Award
Lord Kilgore Heart of Darkness Best Mini Campaign
Paul Siegel Four Corners Best Fitness Center
Peter A. Mullen Laboratory of the Asmodean Techno-Mage Snazziest Way to Push the Envelope
Rob Antonishen Mine! Not Yours? Best Mine Crawl
Shane Mangus Raid on Black Goat Wood Best Cthulhu
Simon Bull The Ruination Of Tenamen Best Monsters
Stuart Robertson Dungeon From A Distant Star Best Mixing of Genres
Tim Shorts Where is Margesh Blackblood Most Hideouts for the Head Bad Guy
Tom Holmes The Bone Harvest Horror Best Cartography

Alex Schroeder, RPG category on his blog
Rusty, The Rusty Battle Axe
Chris (aka Pukako) on
Jeffrey, There's a Bugbear in My Kitchen!
JB, B/X Blackrazor
Norman Troll and Flame
Ravi (aka ravells) of the Cartographers' Guild

Alex Schroeder
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