One Page Dungeon Contest 2011

This is a general outline/copy of the information about the contest run by Alex Schroeder in 2011.

Submission Deadline:
Was -> April 1st, 2010 0:00 UTC (aka Friday evening before midnight Greenwich England time)


Winners Announced:
May 15th, 2010

One Page Dungeon Contest 2011 Winners


Author Title Category
Aaron Frost & Mundi King Meckwick’s Revenge Best Dungeon as Thunderdome
Dyson Logos Into the Worm’s Gullet Best Old-School Dungeon
Greg Gillespie The Bastion of the Boglings Best Monster Lair
Herwin Wielink Hallways of Thime Best Map Art
Jason Morningstar Raid on Chinatown Best Gangster
Joe Sarnowski The Heart of the Minotaur Best Twist to an Adventure
Kelvin Green Horror Comes to Haddonfield Best Horror
Leslie Furlong Hanging in Wolverine City Best Investigation
Lester Ward Escape From the Lost Laboratories Best Use of Teleportation
Mike Monaco The Belly of the Beast Best Bio-Crawl
Paul Cunningham Crime and Punishment Best Science Fiction
Rob Vermin Hollow Best Evil Cult
Stuart Robertson Citadel of Evil Best Design
Thom Wilson Another Knight Like This Best Solo
Tim Hartin Black Tom Muddye’s Treasure Map Best Pirate

Adrian Shieh of Occam's Samurai Sword
Alex Schroeder, organizer and blogger
Shane Mangus of Swords Against the Outer Dark
Clay Wendt aka Sean FitzSimon on deviantART
Ken Carcas aka Lawnikky
Angie Littman from the Cartographers' Guild
Jeffrey Runokivi of There's a Bugbear in My Kitchen!

Alex Schroeder

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10days until
Contest Deadline 2014 April 30