One Page Dungeon Contest 2013

This is a general outline/copy of the information about the contest run by Alex Schroeder in 2013.

Submission Deadline:
Was -> April 30th, 2013 0:00 UCT (a.k.a Tuesday evening before midnight Greenwich England time)

Winners Announced:
May 25th, 2013

One Page Dungeon Contest 2013 Winners


Author TitleCategory
Andrew and Heleen Durston Only Acrobats Need Apply Best Swashbuckling
bygrinstow Arena of Blood Most Macabre
Caelum Roberts Iron Cloud Best Sci-Fi
Daniel O’Donnell Down Among the Dead Men Best Undead
Gus L.The Brittlestone Parapets Best Wizard Duel
Jens Thuresson The Giant’s Dollhouse Best Fairy-Tale
Jobe Bittman Into The Demon Idol Best Homage
Josh Burnett The Burial Mound of Gilliard Wolfclan Best One Shot
Kaylee Thumann Girly Girl Dungeon Most Original
LSF A Stolen Spring Best Fantasy Mystery
Matthew W. Schmeer Wizard in the Woods Best Non-Traditional Map
Misha Favorov Court of the King of No Men Best Beastmen
Ramsey Hong Something Happened At The Temple Near Glourm Best Map
Rob S Citadel of the Severed Hand Best Myconids
Roger SG Sorolla Devil’s Acre Best Single Location
S. J. Harris The Baleful Spring Best Tower
Simon Forster Church of Consumption Best Religion

Alex Schroeder
Erik Jensen
Brett Slocum
Clinton Dreisbach
Thom Wilson
Brennan O’Brien.

Alex Schroeder

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Contest Deadline 2014 April 30