One Page Dungeon Contest 2014

Submission Deadline:
April 30th, 2014 23:59 UTC (aka Wednesday evening before midnight Greenwich England time)

Submission Guide:

Read about the history of the "One Page Dungeon" to get a feel for the concept.
The submission must be put under the "Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike 3.0" license.
Each submission must have a title, an author, and a link to the license (
The submission must fit on one side of one page of paper (US Letter or A4).
Remember that the judges may not know the exact game system you play, so a good strategy is to avoid using too many system specific stats.
Only one entry allowed per participant.
Submissions can be replaced/revised up until the submission deadline. Only the last revision will be considered as the official submission.
Submissions with extremely small font sizes will (most likely) score low with the judges.
Keep in mind that the submissions will be printed out on paper by some judges.
Submissions must be sent as a PDF to
The file size of the PDF should be under 6MB.
A link to a web page or blog article can be submitted along with the PDF and it will be posted to the contest page.
The deadline for submissions is April 30th 23:59 UTC

Sponsors Prizes;
Troll Lord Games  tba
Precis Intermedia  Disposable Tilescapes  Disposable Heroes
Goodman Games  tba
Wayne's Books  Adventures in Fantasy box set signed by Dave Arneson
Engine Publishing  Odyssey  Session Prep  Masks  Eureka
Rogue Games  Shadow Sword & Spell Basic and Expert
Sine Nomine Publishing  Red Tide Campaign Setting
Pinnacle Entertainment  Murder in the Magasin Rouge
Pelgrane Press  13th Age Core Rules  Eyes of the Stone Thief
ProFantasy Software  Campaign Cartographer
GygaxMagazine Adventure gets published in issue 5
Steve Jackson Games  Mirror of the Fire Demon  Underground Adventures  GURPS Fantasy  Cardboard Heroes 01
Autarch  Adventurer, Conqueror, King  Player's Companion
Hex Games  Hobomancer and Hobomancer Companion
Rogue Genius Games  Monster Menagerie Kingdom of Graves  The Genius Guide to the Talented Fighter
Goblinoid Games  Labyrinth Lord  Mutant Future  Starship & Spacemen
Eric Harshbarger  GoFirst Dice Set
Paizo  Pathfinder Core Rules

Anonymous  $500 Paypal

Shane Ward (blog link The Three Toad Stools)
Jeff Caird
Joe Pruitt
Jonathan Goodwins
Will Russell (blog link Oath Brothers)
Kenneth Moore
Eran Aviram (link to podcat in Hebrew On the Shoulders of Dwarves)
Fco. Javier Barrera
Roger Giner-Sorolla (blog link Roles, Rules & Rolls)
Rusty Gerard (website)
Peter von Bleichert
Aljoscha Krawulsky
Jonas Mustonen
Shrew Perman
Dustin Andrews (Site Post)
James Hunter-Shortland (deviant art page)
Darren Bellisle
David Dolph
Bismuth Crystal
Tad Davis
Rabble Cud
Christian Hollnbuchner
Matthew Adams
Eric Potter
AnomieCoalition (blog link Druken Nerdery)
John Enfield
Jason Howard
Lee Barber
Shane Siebert
Joshua Jones (rpg website Little Legends RPG)
Scott Slomiany
Lester Ward (blog post DivNull)
Hugo Gil (blog post La Torre)
Sersa Victory (blog SersaVictory)

Ernie Gygax (the Hobby Shop Dungeon)
Steve Winter (Howling Tower)
Brendan S (Necropraxis)
Martin Thomas (Daddy Rolled A 1)
Daniel "Delta" Collins (Deltas DnD Hotspot)
Sean K Reynolds (

Random Wizard (aka Mundi King)

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13days until
Contest Deadline 2014 April 30