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Submission Deadline:
Was -> April 30th, 2014 23:59 UTC (aka Wednesday evening before midnight Greenwich England time)

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Winners Announced:
May 29th, 2014

The Grand Prize Winner, and special GygaxMagazine pick to appear in issue #5 of the magazine is

1st Place Winner
Author Entry Link
Will Doyle Island of the Lizard God (PDF)

2nd Place Winner
Author Entry Link
Lorenzo Santini The Revenge of Xarr-Zuul (PDF)

3rd Place Winners
Author Entry Link
Michael Wenman Urash Mhyrr (PDF)
PJ Cunningham Amid the Reapers Scattered Bones (PDF)

4th Place Winners
Author Entry Link
Darren Bellisle The Devils Pitchfork (PDF)
Gus L Thunderhead Manse (PDF)
Mathew Adams The Long Fall (PDF)
P. Aaron Potter The Crucible (PDF)
Ramsey Hong The Crimson Maelstrom (PDF)
Raphael Sadowski The Shattered Temple (PDF)
Vance Atkins The Pyramid of Esslor (PDF)

Special Mention (1pdc supports the next generation of gamers)
Sadhbh Brennan - Magic Dungeon
Gwendolyn A. Potter - Ponies Candy Square Dungeon

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Author Entry Link
Adam Watts The Thirteenth Dancer (Website)
Alex Hitchin Ballad of the Bonny Bards Booty
Alex Schroeder How to Start a Campaign
Alex Ward Vampires and Werewolves
Alex Welk (Anarchy Dice) Resurrection of Bastine ( Blog)
Aljoscha Krawulsky The Temple of Blood and Wine
Andrew and Heleen Durston Tower of Jade (Blog)
Andrew Aultman and Alaric and Robin McKenzie Boone Medusa's Safe House
AnomieCoalition Mirror Mirror on the Wall (Blog)
Barry E. Pace Haunted Treehouse (Website)
Bismuth Crystal Vaults of Hunger
Bob Brinkman The Lair of Cruxis the Cryomancer
Brad Black Baphomet's Basement
bygrinstow Den of the Dreamers (Blog)
Chris Coski The Devils Teapot
Chris Salmon The Wizard Returns
Christian Hollnbuchner The Book of True Names
Christian Stiehl Shrine to the Stars Between
Daniel Dean Tower of the Fox
Daniel O'Donnell The Witch of the Well
Darcy Perry Castle BlackHawk
Darren Bellisle The Devils Pitchfork
Dave Zajac Slave Hold of the Ogre Mage
David Dolph Mad Gnome
David Dudka Scepter of Yolacha
Dustin Andrews Conspiracies and Capers (Website)
Edward Lockhart Little Devils (Blog)
Eran Aviram The Burden (Facebook Page)
Eric Potter Church of the Wicked Generation
Franciso Javier Barrera Barcelo Tower of Nicanor
Gabriel Picakrd and Alex Morgan Putzu Putzu (Website)
Greyface The Lair of the Winter Wyrm
Grzegorz Gacek Wunnibad Tomb
Guilherme Paredes The Refuge of the Necromancer (Website)
GUS L Thunderhead Manze
Gwendolyn A. Potter Ponies Candy Square Dungeon
Heikki Hallamaa Robbing Waldgraves
Henson Smith The Druids Mound
Heron Prior Day of the Sine
Herr Zinnling Dungeon Number One (Blog)
Hugo Gil Crystal Sorcerer (Blog)
J Benjamin Wilson The Titans Torment
James Hirst A Barrel of Fun
James Hunter-Shortland In the Vault of the Howling Palace (Art Gallery)
James M. Zoshak The Hex of Agony
James Rodway The Haunted Monastery
Jamieson Mulash Deadly Catch
Jason Howard Hunting Party and the Dragon's Den
Jayson "Rocky" Gardner The Olde Inn (Blog)
Jeff Caird Infinite Adventures
Jeff Pruit Follow the Gold
Jim "Wilmanric" Pacek Castile de Zela
John Enfield Caslte Dungeon
John Warner Seas, Scales, and Skulls
Johnathan Goodwins Architectural Curiosities within Pozodroni's Para-dimensional Labyrinth
Jonas Mustonen Vikings vs Mutant Goatmen
Jordi Diest El Dado Inquieto
Jorgen Niemi The Endiri Incident
Joseph Bloch The Black Lake (Blog)
Joshua Jones Dire Briars (Website)
Katarina Bozanic Bioprospecting Report No 976
Kenneth Moore The Tower in the Ice
Kiel Chenier Peril of the Fat Princess (Image Gallery)
Lee Barber Flind Cistern
Lester Ward Murky Dealings (Blog)
Lorenzo Santini The Revenge of Xarr-Zuul
Mathew Maranda Hades Temple Crawl
Matthew Adams The Long Fall
Michael and Mathew Iantorno Galirons Gauntlet (Blog)
Michael Atlin and Michael Prescott Stellarium of the Vinteralf
Michael Dinolfo Syndrome
Michael Terlisner The Temple of Friends (Enworld Page)
Michael Wenman Urash Mhyrr (Blog)
Mike Monaco The Pit ( Blog)
Mikolaj Boc Essidel's Stronghold
Nate Marcel Outlaw Camp in the Prehistoric Shrine of the Mermen Maiden ( Blog)
Niklas Nylund Halls of Madness (Blog)
Oisin Brennan Lair of the Black Dragon Cult
P. Aaron Potter The Crucible (Author Page)
Paul Hughes Thre Great Stag (Blog)
Peter Lee Calvin's Ford
Peter of 8radgames Well of Souls
Peter von Bleichert Shamblers Mound
PJ Cunningham Amid the Reapears Scattered Bones
R Stephen Boney Stupa of the Space Sorcerer
Ramsey Hong Crimson Maelstrom
Raphael Sadowski The Shattered Temple
Richard J LeBlanc Jr Hanging Garden (Website)
Roger Giner-Sorolla The Forbidden Steam Tunnels of Emesh Yuu ( Blog)
Roland Volz The Oracle Caves
Rusty Gerard The Insidious Library of Niltras (Website)
Sadhbh Brennan Magic Dungeon
Scott Slomiany The Void
Sean Kennedy 7 Year Lich
Sean Loftiss Bloodberries
Sersa Victory Hexed Cradle (Image Gallery)
Shane Siebert House of Eternal Mercy
Shane Ward Assault on the Thieve's Guild (Blog)
Shrew Perman The Dungeon of ClockWerk
Simon Forster Blackrose
Spenser Clark The Derelict (Blog)
Stephen Hilderbrand and Leo Monaghan The Tomb of Athganazer (Blog)
Tad Davis Into the Lycans Den
Tim Shorts The Adventure Funnel
Timm Woods The War of the Wolf (Blog)
Tom Doolan The Path of Devenor
Vance Atkins The Pyramid of Esslor ( Blog)
Vlastimil Valluch Blood Mansion Valluch
Will Doyle Island of the Lizard God ( Blog)
Will Russell Gruknoks Shifting Labyrinth (Website)

Random Wizard (Blog)